Low cost Scanning Probe Microscope Certus Light V series

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Certus Light V

Certus Light V - compact version of the SPM with low price and minimized options. The main difference from the basic version Certus Light - scan by sample and more accurate approach system. The device consists of head with cantilever deflection sensor, multifunction flat scanner, approach system, simple basement . The device has buil in electronic control unit with remote control of the instrument via a tablet computer with the use of specialized software for OS Android.




Improved SPM head with tip holder, made ​​on the basis of the SIM card

Easy in use tip holder made ​​on the basis of the SIM card provides a simple, quick removal and installation of the probe holder. It fits to  any cantilevers , available in the market from third-party manufactures. SPM head made with "short base" configuration t, with a minimum distance between the supports to give maximum rigidity design. Open space above the location of the probe provides access high multiplicity optics, with working length of 10 mm.



Summary of parameters:

Tip to sample approach system

Minimum step
100 nm
Step motor
Sample positioning

10x10 mm
1 mkm
Scanning range XYZ 100x100x15 mkm
Position sensors accuracy
< nm
Mimimum scan step
0.1 nm
SPM head

Laser spot arrangement 2 micro screws with 0,125 mm pitch
PSD arrangement 2 micro screws with 0,125 mm pitch
Cantilever holder Исполнение по типу SIM карта
Built-in Drive Piezo, U range -10..+10V, 0..10 MHz
Tip Bias Voltage range -10..+10V
Flat scanner
Type scan by sample [xyz stage]
crosstalk XYZ 0, axes fully independent
scan range 100x100x15 mkm
Position sensors
Optical encoders wth с sin/cos interpolation
Sampling rate
300 kHz
Accuracy < 1nm
Optical microscope

Zoom 85...1050x
Detector CCD
Interface HDMI

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