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Electronic control unit EG 5000 is the latest modification of the EG series controllers, designed to control the scanning probe microscopes, nano positioning devices, all modifications. The main distinctive features are:

1. Using a powerful FPGA Cyclone V, allowing a higher speed to process the data and output control signal.
2. Embedded PC with Linux operating system, installed software, allows you to unify the system and to avoid difficulties in installing and upgrading software.





CPU PLL Cyclone V; 32 bit float;
PC Interface USB 3.0
Other interfaces RS 232, RS485, SYNC I/O
High-voltage outputs
Voltage -10..150 V
Noise < 5 ppm
Number of channels 3
Low Voltage range -10..+40V
HV Resolution (HV Dacs) 18 bit
Stepper motors control unit
Number of channels 4
Power supply 24V, 3A
Microstepping mode support 1/16 step
Lock-in amplifier
Number of channels 2
Preamplifier gain 1-100
Input voltage range ±10 V
ADC resolution 16 bit
Frequency range of input signals 0-10 MHz
Frequency range of main oscillator 10 Hz – 10 MHz
Output voltage amplitude 10 mV-10 V
Frequency stability < 5 ppm