NSTL series solid state lasers are single frequency lasers with characteristics suitable for use in industrial metrology, biomedical and scientific research, nanophotonics, microelectronics. With excellent stability and narrow laser line, they are a good choice for a variety of applications. Lasers are a Russian product and are manufactured in the Russian Federation.





Principles of operation

The device is a single-frequency laser with digital control of the radiation power and temperature of the laser diode. The power of the laser diode is controlled through a digital feedback system using a microcontroller and a controlled current source, as well as a feedback photodiode, which receives part of the optical radiation through a splitting prism.

The temperature of the laser diode is controlled via a peltier element, a temperature sensor, a controlled current source and a microcontroller. Thus, digital feedback is also used to control the temperature. T

he device contains a number of optical elements for filtering and polarizing laser radiation. The laser beam from the diode passes through a collimation lens, a Bragg grating, which provides high-quality properties of single-mode and narrow line width, a polarizer, a splitting prism to ensure constant power feedback, and an optical isolator that prevents reflected laser radiation from entering the feedback system.

The laser is controlled via a PC via a USB interface. Using the installed software, the desired power and temperature of the laser diode are set, as well as monitored in real time.

Software and electrical connections.



Power supply +5 V, 3A

USB 2.0/3.0

Software Win7/Win10/Linux

Constant current mode

Constant power mode

Software Current control

Software Power control

Software temperature control

Available models

WL, λ nm           
Line Width Δλ, pm
P, mW   
Beam size, mm 
NSTL  ALPHA 785 0.02 100 100:1 linear
0.25 x 0.7
NSTL  DELTA 633 0.03 50 100:1 linear
0.6  x 0.9
NSTL  BETTA 532 0.1
50 100:1 linear
0.7 x 0.9
NSTL  GAMMA 405 0.1 20 100:1 linear
0.8 x 0.4

Mechanical Drawing

Specification to download