NEW confocal raman system ARS3000

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Currently, the company is developing a fundamentally new system for the simultaneous acquisition of AFM and Raman imaging ARS 3000.

The main advantages of the system are:

  1. Compact size
  2. Complete automation system
  3. The original design of the spectrometer
  4. High light thoughput device with minimal optical losses.
  5. Confocal scheme is based on the original scheme, provides compact size and minimal drift of the optical elements.
  6. Built-in optical microscope provides a convenient search for required place.
  7. The design uses a precision mechanical components and optics.
  8. Can be used as in industrial laboratories, and universities for research.

The main components of the system:ARS3000_03

A. Automated base with built-in flat scanner for sample.

B. Confocal module containing an optical circuit of excitation beam formation and detecting the secondary (Raman) radiation.

C. Highly sensitive CCD with deep cooling to record the spectra of the secondary radiation.

D. Trinocular optical microscope with the possibility of observing the sample in both eyepieces, and a video camera.

E. Solid-state excitation laser, optional 355 nm, 473 nm, 532 nm and 785nm. For external lasers with other lines used single-mode fiber .

F. Monochromator

G. Atomic Force Head for recording topography signals of the sample.

H. Micro objective for light focusing in to the sample and collecting secondary radiation from sample .

System parameters:

XY AFM resolution             
< 1 nm
Z AFM resolution <0.1 nm
Scannning range 200x200x25 mkm
Spectral range 200..1000 nm
Spectral resolution <1 nm
Optical thoughput >80%
Exitation lasers 355, 473, 532, 785 nm